Blue Mountain Geographic Information Solutions

Blue Mountain GIS was founded to provide specialized Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consulting advice across a wide scope of spatial information projects. 

Among the services Blue Mountain offers its clients are:

Project Management

Communication and Outreach

Spatial Planning

Customized Reporting

Data Development and Management

GPS (Global Positioning System) Data Creation

GIS Modeling


We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their desired results through cost-effective resource and time management, supported by succinct, personalized communication.


Blue Mountain GIS builds maps for simple uses and complex visions.   Final products are available in customized formats, including digital, online, interactive and traditional hard copy.

Professional cartography and design clearly communicate your project's essential message, and deliver the performance to accomplish the project's goals.


Modeling and spatial analysis services deliver information from your data, or data we create for you.  From simple overlay to multivariate regression, you get the results you need.

Analysis results are communicated traditionally through reports, and through modern web mapping and data management platforms.